Mallory JoVisionary Artist of Beauty 

Mallory JoVisionary Artist of Beauty 


Hello Beautiful.

I am so grateful to have you here and allow me the opportunity to acquaint myself to you. Giving and uplifting others has been apart of me and has grown with me over the course of my life. The evolution of my artistry has delivered me to a position where I can give all that I am, all to you. 

As a young girl, I remember admiring the beauty of the woman in my life. I was fascinated in studying the different shapes of their faces and how shadow and light lived within them differently. I had a detailed eye on every feature. What they saw as imperfections, I saw as beautiful. It’s what made them, who they are. I never looked with my mind, how I could change their looks. Rather my mind invisioned what little I could do to enhance what I already saw as beautiful. 

The art of makeup came naturally to me. Whether it was my bare hands or the assistance of a brush, I effortlessly moved across the structure of the face in front of me. Knowing what color goes where, to compliment each face individually. To me, it was like a real life canvas coming to life. 

What I didn’t know, was that it was the beginning of the passion that fueled my fire, that blazed into a career.

I received my Master Esthetician Lincense in 2009. In patnership, I proceeded to create and open a Spa in Fargo, North Dakota. It was here that the dimensions of beauty all aligned for me. For reference, It felt as if I knew each planet, but finally viewed them as a whole solar system. I cherished creating a space of peace, all while generating a radiant glow both internally and externally, as if the sun lived inside you. At this moment I felt as if the sky was the limit. Something inside me was reaching for the stars. All of a sudden the world didn’t feel big enough for what I wanted to bring to it. I created a bold bucket list of dreams and decided to take them all the way to Los Angeles. 

Within the 13 years of being there, I am proud to say every vision for my dream turned into reality. I feel deeply honored to have my artistry be apart of red carpets, film/tv, editorial, music videos, educational apparences/events and bridal. Out of all the amazing experiences I have had, my favorites were my personal clients. In a world of millions of talented artists, I have the highest regard for being chosen and intrusted to be apart of monumental moments of their life and career. They have opened their home, heart and being to me. And that is what I found to treasure the most. 

My success was laid in the hands of my being, along with my artistry. Everything I am, is aligned with beauty and wellness and how I want to bring that and myself to this world. I have been led back home to Ottertail MN and its within this, a new vision blossomed. A new reality I have created. My life experience has led me to this very moment. It has led me to you.  

I pride myself in bringing my energy and my mastery into your sacred space on such a sacred day. Your time with me, is time for yourself. I welcome you to an unforgettable beauty experience, that will go beyond the end of the isle.