Mallory JoVisionary Artist of Beauty 

Mallory JoVisionary Artist of Beauty 


Skincare Consultation 

A skincare routine can be overwhelming with the endless options that exist. I get it. 

I am here to help guide you through the basics within skincare. We will meet one on one and go over your needs and concerns, even if it’s just filling any missing links in your current routine. 

My goal is to create a simple routine that fits for you. I will provide you with a customized step by step guide that will take care of your skin for years to come. 

Skincare isn’t about the quantity of steps but rather the quality of the products being used. 

In all of my experience, what I found most important in skincare, is having clean effective and affordable ingredients. I found all that within Lemongrass Spa Products. As a skincare consultant for them, I am able to provide you with skincare that can nourish you from head to toe. 


$49 for individual session 

$39/person for group session (3 or more)